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Primary Contact Michele Colbertt
Phone 604-779-1590
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Country Canada
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Vancouver & Burnaby Realtor ®: Michele Colbertt: Real Estate Vancouver, Burnaby

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Michele Colbertt, Realtor at RE/MAX Buying and selling of homes in Vancouver, Burnaby & the North Shore.;Vancouver & Burnaby Realtor ® | 604-779-1590;Home What’s For Sale?;Featured Listings;Office Listings;MLS Listings;Virtual Office Website;Search Neighbourhoods;VANCOUVER EAST SIDE;Mount Pleasant Van West;Mount Pleasant VW Townhomes;Mount Pleasant VW Condos;Mount Pleasant VW Houses;Mount Pleasant Van East;Mount Pleasant VE Townhomes;Mount Please VE Condos for sale;Mount Pleasant VE Houses;Renfrew Van East;Renfrew VE Townhomes;Renfrew VE Condos;Renfrew VE Houses;Renfrew Heights;Renfrew Heights Townhomes;Renfrew Heights Condos;Renfrew Heights Houses;Main St.;Main St. Townhouses;Main St. Condos;Main St. Houses;Grandview (Hastings Sunrise);Grandview Townhomes;Grandview Condos;Grandview Houses;Hastings;Hastings Townhomes;Hastings Condos;Hastings Houses;Hastings East;Hastings East Townhomes;Hastings East Condos;Hastings East Homes;Vancouver Heights;Vancouver Heights Condos;Vancouver Heights 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Bio Contact Me Blog Reports More…;Home Evaluation;Testimonials;Links;Become a Member;Site Map;Michele Colbertt;buy. sell. live well;Hello and welcome to my website!;As a Realtor ® I help my clients buy and sell homes in Vancouver – East & West, Burnaby – Vancouver Heights, Burnaby Heights & Willingdon Heights & North Vancouver.;When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, I’m committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all of your needs are successfully met in a professional and honest manner. As a “seasoned & true sales professional” I pride myself on my ability to negotiate the best terms for my clients. My marketing strategies allow me to implement the best plan to sell your property quickly.;Make sure that you have a true sales person working for you to help negotiate the biggest and most important investment you make – your home.;I am available for you when you need me. My web site is here to help you 24 hours a day. You can search listings at your own convenience, browse reports, and read up on real estate info on your own terms. Whether you are ready to see a listing in person, list your home or want a free evaluation, or just have a simple question, please contact me !;What’s My Home Worth?;Free Home Evaluation!;Recent trends and home sales gives me an accurate analysis;of your homes worth.;Find Out;Mobile Listings;Listings viewed on the go!;Enjoy the convenience of viewing listings easily from your phone wherever you are.;Learn More;How much an I afford?;Mortgage Calculator;Before you start searching, find out how large of a mortgage you can comfortably afford..;Start Now

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1428 West 7th Avenue;Vancouver, British Columbia V6H1C1

  • March 7, 2019 2:40 am


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